I’m officially one of the panelist . See you later…

Going around the world with my campers this week. Before we left Mexico for China we had to break the pinata….talk about fun and laughs.

#SummerCamp #FLCT #earlychildhood #SankofasChildPresents #aroundtheworld #artsineducation #artsintegration #artsintegration (at Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre)

We are officially starting #ShoutOutSunday the jewelry line would not be where it’s at without an awesome clientele. To show some love we will be posting pictures of our clients rocking their pieces. If we shout you out you’ll receive a 30% coupon. Submit your pictures to Sankofaschild@gmail.com subject line “ShoutOutSundays.”

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My godmother is spending the day with me vending #popanacostia . Come by and say Hi (at Anacostia Arts Center)

#ThrowbackThursday performance at Big Night Little Haiti with Loray Mystik

Photography by Luis Olazabal

#dance #Ayisyen #tbt

I officially have 8 week metal clay class at @armoryartcenter . I have an awesome set of students. I will be teaching more/different classes next quarter for the jewelry department. Stay tuned. #SankofasChildPresents #metalclay #jewelrydesigner

'Be as the lotus, open up to the rising sun, unaffected by the muddy depths of it's birth, or even the water which sustains it.”

Beautiful lotus flowers I saw at @fairchildgarden this past weekend.

#qotd #nature

#Latergram what do you know about the mango glow. #Selfie right after i stuffed myself at the Mango festival.

#Latergram took myself on date to @fairchildgarden for there Mango festival. Can we say winning. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a mango fanatic. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve mangoes. Not to mention that my grandmother was a mango specialist that people drove hundreds of miles to see. My obsession is so bad that I named my blog 100 mango seasons (i plan to live for at least 100 mango seasons). So naturally it would only make sense that I would convene in one space with my fellow mango addicts.

OMG I got to taste mangos I’ve never had before in the tasting room. My mouth was in heaven. Ran into someone who I’m connected on social media for the first time in person. The mango chutney was to die for I had a fabulous time if it weren’t for scheduling conflicts I’d probably be there today.

If you can make it there definitely go. Dress light it’s super hot this weekend. My official blog post will be up in a few days at www.100mangoseasons.com

#mango #100mangoseasons #healthyliving #vegan (at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens)

My homie @tigayo has been rocking Loc adornment from my bronze collection. He actually has the prototype. I will be releasing the official hair adornment collection next week.

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