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Just added a mini version of the AfroBeat earrings to our collection. What do you think?

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Just finished my first instagram 31 day yoga challenge (#SheGotLegs ). I had fun and added some new postures into my practice.

Thanks @beachyogagirl , @fitqueenirene , @kinoyoga , @laurasykora , and @liquidoactive for an awesome month.

Here’s a collage of my month the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The best one hands down…In tears
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For the past month I have been in a artist intensive, MDC Live Arts Lab, with Baba Israel. Last night we showcased our works in progress. It is amazing to see how much was accomplished in just a few weeks. The lab reminded the importance of not working in isolation. This lab taught me that having an outside perspective is so crucial. Especially with personal narratives where you have what I call “attachment bias.” Here are a few clips from my performance.